Selection of Student Responses from Course Evaluations
All available Online Student Opinion of Instruction Forms can be found on my website: www.sethpanitch.com. Additional comments are not required and are, of course, anonymous, and as such, may serve as an unbiased response to my instruction.

From Acting II (Fall 2013): “Seth Panitch is the best instructor I have ever had.” “He not only taught me to how to perfect my acting, he also taught me how to handle life decisions.” “The man is a mad scientist within Theatre. He’s done it all, but he still treats us like colleagues.” “Some people climb mountains to learn from gurus; I got to walk to Rowand-Johnson 236.”

From Movement III/ Character in Movement (Fall 2013): “I have never felt so encouraged in a classroom setting as I have in this class.” “His passion for teaching is so evident, and his number one goal is to make his students shine as brightly as possible.” “He is committed to his calling as an educator on a level that most other professors cannot even come close to.”

From MFA Shakespeare in Performance (Fall 2013): “Mr. Panitch’s passion for teaching is exceeded only by his care of the students.” “His rapid-fire coaching sticks, and it’s always insightful, incisive, and the very definition of respectful.”

From Acting Shakespeare (Spring 2013): “Seth Panitch has easily been the most influential teacher I have ever had the privilege of learning from. His passion for the art infects each one of his students and it shows in the level of seriousness and pride we place in our work in his class.” “This class not only prepares you for successful approaches to Shakespeare but also to life.”

From Classical Comedy/ Film (Spring 2013): “Seth is the best professor I have ever had.” “I never knew I could fall in love with Shaw!”

From Acting II (Fall 2012): “I have never learned more in a class in my life. Seth gave us tools to use for the rest of our careers.” “An incredible communicator that makes his students want to work harder.” “By far, the best class I have taken.” “This class will change your life.”

From Classical Comedy/ Film (Spring 2012): “By far the best instructor any student could ask for.” “I consider Mr. Panitch a mentor and in inspiration. He demands the very best from his students, and he consistently and thoughtfully assists us in delivering just that.”

From Acting II (Fall 2011): “I loved everything about this class. I loved that I had to work my tail off. I loved that my classmates were passionate. I loved that I could see growth in my ability every single day.” “Seth is an amazing instructor - I cannot name a single person in my class who has not vastly improved from this course. I could keep learning and growing from this course almost indefinitely.”

From Movement III/ Character in Movement (Spring 2011): “This is my second class with Seth and yet again I am floored by how amazing a teacher he is. Seth is the model for how the student-instructor relationship should be. He is open, honest, and respectful to his students, and so it is no surprise that he receives the same treatment from his students.”

From MFA Shakespeare in Performance (Fall 2010): “Seth is a gift. He is challenging and he always demands the best efforts from his students. He pushes them to grow as performers and as adults and he does this all in a nurturing, positive manner.” “Wonderful class. Invaluable. A Game Changer.”

From Acting II (Fall 2010): “Seth is the most charismatic instructor I've ever had. His enthusiasm for the work we do in class, and the craft of acting is contagious. The class environment he sets up is professional, but very supportive.” “I have learned more in this acting class than I have learned in any previous course. Not only have I learned more about acting than I ever have before, I have learned more about myself as a person. I never missed a class, because I was afraid I would miss too many discoveries....and honestly, I just enjoyed coming to class. It's a fantastic, supportive environment, and I felt so safe there. This is the first class I can honestly say that I am a better person for having taken.”

From MFA Acting Studio (Fall 2009): “Seth is why I came to Alabama. Seth is why I stay.” “Seth is one of the best instructors I have had. His passion for acting is inspiring, his preparation is always 100% and his classes are always impactful and worthwhile.”